CBIZ, Inc. (CBZ) is now among the bigger bargains in its industry.
Within the last year the price ranged from $17.03 – 28.73 and there is a wide opportunity to get in. Its next earnings report will be released on Apr 23, 2020.

Employers Holdings, Inc.(EIG)


Employers Holdings, Inc.(EIG) Recent News Reports

On average 0.0 articles are written each week about EIG but this week 0 articles were written and they were 58% Bullish and 42% Bearish.

Employers Holdings, Inc. Target Levels

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Shares of Energy Transfer LP (ET) have traded between $3.75 – 15.87. The next earnings date is set for May 13, 2020. Let’s see how its prospects are shaping up.

What does Energy Transfer LP(ET) do?

Energy Transfer LP provides natural gas pipeline transportation and transmission services. Its projects include Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, Mariner east Pipelines, Mont Belvieu facility, Lone Star Express Expansion, Bakken Pipeline and Lake Charles LNG. Energy Transfer was founded in September 2002 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

ET Insider Trading Insight

On 2020-03-16, Brannon Richard D Dir purchased 100,000 shares of ET. That represents a value of $399,598. Not to be outdone, on 2020-03-18, Long Thomas E P – Purchase bought18,000 shares of ET. These insiders are clearly in the know because they work closely with the company.

VGR Intraday Trading

VGR is due to report earnings on May 05, 2020. In the last year the price has ranged from 7.93 – 14.42. Recently, Lebow Bennett S sold 250,000 shares of VGR. He is a $1,070,000 shareholder in VGR.

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