Shares of 10x Genomics, Inc. (TXG) have traded between $45.12 – 90.38. The next earnings date is set for Feb 06, 2020. Let’s see how its prospects are shaping up.

What does 10x Genomics, Inc.(TXG) do?

10X Genomics, Inc. is a life science technology company, which engages in building products to interrogate, understand and master biology. Its integrated solutions include single cell transcriptomics, single cell genomics, single cell epigenomes, linked-reads genomics and spatial transcriptomics. The company’s products include Single Cell Gene Expression, Immune Profiling, CNV, ATAC, and Genome and Exome. 10X Genomics was founded by Serge Saxonov, Ben Hindson, Kevin D. Ness and Eduard Diviu Terradas on July 2, 2012 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

TXG Insider Trading Insight

On 2019-09-16, Roberts Bryan E Dir purchased 300,000 shares of TXG. That represents a value of $300,000. Not to be outdone, on 2019-09-16, Roberts Bryan E P – Purchase bought300,000 shares of TXG. These insiders are clearly in the know because they work closely with the company.

FSK Intraday Trading

FSK is due to report earnings on Feb 26, 2020. In the last year the price has ranged from 5.35 – 6.64. Recently, Gerson Brian purchased 10,000 shares of FSK. He is a $24,349 shareholder in FSK.